Eggducation from Trouw Nutrition Indonesia at Festival Ayam dan Telur 2014

23 November 2014

On Sunday, November 16Trouw Nutrition Indonesia took part as one of the participant during Chicken and Egg Festival 2014 that was held at Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta.

This event was an annual event celebrated by many stakeholders of animal nutrition and feed industry, in order to commemorating the national day of chicken and egg that was celebrated every year on October 15. Each year the celebration took part mainly in Jakarta. However, started this year it was being held in several major cities with the main event were held in Yogyakarta.  The purpose of the event is to increase the chicken and egg consumption by Indonesian people.

Through this event, TN Indonesia would like to show our caring values to the society, educating and sharing the information about egg and chicken. Our booth theme was “Healthy Food for Healthy Life” which means Good Feed -> Good Food = Healthy Food -> Healthy Life. 

At the event, Trouw Nutrition team distributed 50 kg of free eggs to the  surrounding community since during the same day it was also a regular ‘Sunday Morning’ event at the area (weekend market, sport activities, etc). We distributed the eggs with booklets on common information about chicken and egg in a booklet called Healthy Food for Healthy Life and a special booklet special for university student and farmers called Eggducation. We received many good responses by visitors who came to our booth and who received the free egg and booklets. Other activities we conducted at the booth were selfie contest using cut out photo booth (with farm background) and quizzes about chicken and egg.