Trouw Nutrition Asia Pacific Introduces Selko Aqua at Aquaculture Asian-Pacific 2016

19 May 2016

Trouw Nutrition Asia Pacific participated in Aquaculture Asian-Pacific 2016 from 26-29 April 2016 at Surabaya, Indonesia. Over 300 people visited the booth during three days. This was the first time that Selko feed additives solutions were offered to Trouw Nutrition Asia-Pacific aquaculture customers.

The Trouw Nutrition booth had great networking facilities and highlighted Selko’s feed additives in the design.

During the three day exhibition, Trouw Nutrition promoted a full package of Selko solutions and several related services. Customers were introduced to solutions for optimal nutritional value, mould control, mycotoxin control, osmoregulation and organic trace mineral nutrition. Combining Selko feed additives such as Fylax®, TOXO®, Betain and Optimin® products with tools and services like Mycomaster, NutriOpt and MasterLab, gave customers a new look into the Trouw Nutrition value proposition.