Trouw Nutrition Digital Platform Innovation as the Industrial Analytical Analysis Leading Solutions

18 August 2019

Around the world, the traditional manufacturing industry is in the throes of a digital transformation that is accelerated by growing technologies. FOSS, a leading supplier of analytical analysis instruments that refine measurements into information management for the agricultural industry embraced these needs into a one-day workshop called “Facing the Challenge of Industry 4.0 in the World of Analytical Analysis and Process Measurement” in Jakarta, August 8, 2019.

In the workshop with 65 participants of technical agricultural experts, PT Trouw Nutrition Indonesia was invited as a guest speaker to explain Trouw’s advanced technologies for accurate nutritional management. Siska Yuliati, NIR Specialist TN Indonesia elaborates that Trouw’s leading innovation; Nutriopt determines the effectiveness of feedstuff by combining precise NIR calibration measurement with the data in Trouw’s database that will optimize nutrition accurately based on the very latest scientific data. Trouw’s nutritional database uses dynamic equations, which are based on 50 years of research, and it can provide real-time data to support the highest level of profitability to compete in the industry 4.0 revolution.

Siska Yuliati, NIR Specialist TN Indonesia receiving token of appreciation

from Thee Sripawatakul, GM FOSS South East Asia