Trouw Nutrition Myanmar hosts a Poultry Forum

2 April 2019

3 April, 2019, Yangon, Myanmar — Trouw Nutrition Myanmar hosted a Poultry Forum with various stakeholders of Myanmar’s poultry industry. Topics of focus included young animal feed and poultry health management for better returns on production.

A Poultry Forum was held in Yangon, Myanmar by Trouw Nutrition. The one day event saw over 90 attendees from the local poultry production and education sector who travelled in from all over Myanmar to participate.


Our invited speaker was Dr. Steven Leeson, Professor Emertius University of Guelph. It was his very 1st visit to Myanmar, and he provided an overview on the current trends and outlook of poultry production. Insights on feed quality, gut health management through nutrition, heat stress and the often overlooked topics of vitamin and mineral nutrition. Our internal speaker, András Pálla, Regional Technical Manager, Poultry, spoke about the importance of early nutrition for chicks and our Feed-Farm-Health approach for reducing antibiotics in production. This included the importance of managing the quality of drinking water for animals. All the talks and discussions were translated by Dr Tun Kyi, a local poultry consultant with over 40 years’ experience.



The event ended with a lively discussion with over 20 questions on a wide variety of poultry-related topics. This event concluded with a dinner to mark the 1st anniversary of Trouw Nutrition Myanmar’s plant opening.