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Our purpose: Feeding the Future

In a world with limited natural resources and a growing population, we want to use our scale and the power of innovation to lead the change towards more circular and renewable food production methods, with care and consideration for the people and nature that make them possible.

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About Trouw Nutrition

We have a 90-year history of dedication to innovation and deep experience in developing smarter and more sustainable ways of raising healthy farm animals and companion animals. Our broad portfolio of feed specialties, feed additives, premixes and nutritional models and services, along with our ever-increasing expertise in feed, farm and health make us a one-stop-shop with limitless opportunities to create tailored, integrated solutions suited to each customer’s local situation. And we are everywhere our customers need us, with a presence in 105 countries. We believe the power of nutrition and good farm management can transform our industry – and even our planet. So, we are challenging how the feed-to-food chain works today, to create a brighter future, from planet to plate.

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The First Hydroxy Trace Mineral is now Available in Indonesia!

Press release
Selko's IntelliBond® (a feed additive brand owned by Trouw Nutrition) is the world's first hydroxy trace mineral. Brought by PT Trouw Nutrition Indonesia, now IntelliBond® is ready to be marketed and competes in the Indonesian animal nutrition industry market.
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Customer event
As part of customer connect program, Trouw Nutrition Indonesia conducted Layer Roadshows in 2022. The program which was held twice last year:  in Medan, Sumatera on August 2022 and in Kediri, East Java on November 2022, was conducted with the objective to support the customers in current uncertain situation.
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Fight Against Stunting for a Better Future

Press release
Trouw Nutrition Indonesia promotes Social Awareness Campaign about Importance of Protein for Toddlers Trouw Nutrition Indonesia remains true to our purpose of Feeding the Future, as we address one of the most important public health concerns.  It concerns us when we look at the statistics provided by the government that Indonesia’s consumption for protein is still low compared to other Asian countries. It has also become a national issue that 1 out of 3 toddlers in Indonesia is stunting.
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