Trouw Nutrition Indonesia

PT Trouw Nutrition Indonesia established in 2008, a leader in premix manufacturer, innovative and comprehensive nutrition solution for the animal industry. 

We redefine how animal products are farmed and help our customers feed the world in a healthy, safe and sustainable way. We believe that our company could contribute in the feed-to-food supply chain in Indonesia, which is in line with our approach Feeding the Future.

We own two manufacturing facilities in Cibitung - West Java and Pasuruan - East Java. Currently, our network is throughout Indonesia and expanded its distribution to several countries in Asia and Australia.

Trouw Nutrition Indonesia's Manufacturing Facilities

Trouw Nutrition Indonesia owns two superior quality through state-of-the-art, tailored solutions manufacturing facilities:

  • Cibitung, West Java - since 2009
  • Pasuruan, East Java - since 2015

Both manufacturing facilites are full automation solutions with intelligent process optimization, and industry 4.0 ready with professional project management and project execution. We also make sure that it meets the most rigorous hygiene standards for high-quality premixes.

It is a personal pride that our manufacturing facilites are complient with:

  • ISO 22000: 2018 certified by SGS
  • CPOHB : certified by Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture
  • FAMI QS: by German Association for Sustainability


Trouw Nutrition Indonesia's Footprint

With two manufacturing facilities in Indonesia, our network is throughout the country and expanded its distribution to several countries in Asia and Australia.