Heat Stress? Worry Less!


Heat stress, which happens when the ambient temperature exceeds the bird’s thermal comfort zones, negatively affects the animal’s well-being and production. Heat stress results from a negative balance between the net amount of energy flowing from the animal to its environment and the amount of heat energy produced by the animal.

In August, Trouw Nutrition Indonesia held another episode of Trouw Nutrition Indonesia Knowledge Series after the success of the first episode. This time, we invited Harmen-Jan Platvoet, Senior Technical Specialist Poultry, Trouw Nutrition, to talk about “How to Survive the Hot Summer and Make Money” and Eko Prasetio, Indonesian broiler consultant to discuss “The Critical Control Points of Monitoring Broiler Performance during Dry Season”. This webinar was moderated by Kinasih Sekarlangit – Trouw Nutrition Indonesia Technical Team, joined by 176 participants from nutritionists, farmers, veterinarian, students, academics, management levels who received information on the impacts of heat stress and tips and tricks to overcome this problem. Harmen also mentioned to apply Farm-O-San, NutriCool, AOmix and Selko Presan-FY on feed and drinking water to avoid heat stress in poultry.