Intellibond C: Improving Performance and Production of Monogastric animals (Swine and Poultry)


Trouw Nutrition Indonesia invited Professor Hans Stein from Illinois University, USA, who has received numerous honors and awards for his research and academics dedicated to swine nutrition. The topic of the webinar was “Effect of hydroxy copper chloride on growth performance of monogastric animals” held on July 28th, 2021. There were around 149 attendees out of 233 registered participants from around the globe who are mostly nutritionist, farmers, and agricultural professionals.

During the webinar, Dr. Stein elucidated the mode of action of copper hydroxychloride as a source of Cu in pig diets and elucidating its mechanism that consistently demonstrated the improved feed conversion rate (FCR) and the reduction of diarrhea incidence in piglets. Interestingly, his research showed that the FCR improvement was not due to increasing apparent total tract digestibility of a dry matter or gross energy but may be resulted from Cu influencing post-absorptive metabolism of energy and fat caused by the reduction of microbial protein concentrations.

Alongside Dr. Steins, Alice Hibbert – Regional Trace Mineral Specialist for Asia, Trouw Nutrition – presented a few studies in Trouw Nutrition that were conducted on IntelliBond C (Selko’s brand name of copper hydroxychloride) as a replacement of antibiotic growth promoter (AGP) in poultry production. The research results were indicated that higher nutritional levels of IntelliBond C in poultry diets improved animal performance without the use of AGP. Additionally, gut integrity was enhanced even during the period of high productivity or environmental stress.

​​​​​​​Selko Intellibond C is a feed additive based Copper Hydroxychloride represents one of the highest quality trace mineral technologies available for animal nutrition. IntelliBond mineral quality is assured by one of the most robust quality control and quality assurance programs in the industry.