Solving Raw Material Crisis- Jefo and Trouw Nutrition Indonesia’s commitment to consolidate its precision nutrition supplier status

Press release

Jefo, a global leader in high-performance non-medicated nutrition solutions for animals, aims to maximize its presence in Indonesia by partnering with Trouw Nutrition Indonesia a leading animal nutrition solution provider to bring innovative technology to Indonesia’s rapidly growing aquaculture industry.

Since the past couple of years, mainly caused by the COVID-19 pandemic the feed-to-food supply chain is encountering a global raw material crisis. Pressures on logistic chains have recently resulted in price and supply issue. These conditions, in turn have hit operational efficiency, raised uncertainty, and cost feed mill industry a lot of money, including the Indonesian aquaculture industry.

“Indonesia is one of the largest aquaculture productions in the world, we want to take part contributing to Indonesian aquaculture industry, especially during crisis situation caused by raw material shortage / increasing price,” said Didi Dic Widjaja, Jefo National Sales Manager during the ceremonial partnership on 25th November 2021.

Today we announced our partnership with Trouw Nutrition Indonesia as our exclusive partner to distribute Jefo’s Protease for Aquaculture. With our principle Life made easier we want to help making life easier for local aqua feed mills and farmers by delivering solutions which help reduce the cost of production and allow for a more flexible approach to formulating diets. The partnership will help deliver value across the supply chain from aqua feed mills and integrators all the way down to the local shrimp and fish farms,” Didi continues.

Meawhile, Margaretta Ariesta – Commercial Director PT Trouw Nutrition Indonesia said during the ceremonial “We are very honored that Jefo has select us as an exclusive distributor & strategic partner for Jefo’s Protease for Aquaculture, it shows a recognition of our strengths; strong network in the industry, as well as expertise as best in class. With Jefo Protease for Aquaculture, we hope we can provide solution of raw material crisis for our customers.”

Jefo’s Protease for Aquaculture is species-specific protease design for aquaculture. This product is backed by more than 15 years of dedicated research in numerous aqua species. With the uncertainty of raw material, Jefo’s Protease for Aquaculture can be one of the solutions. Jefos’s Protease is a multicomponent enzyme with three distinct alkaline protease activities. By replacing a certain amount of raw material with alternative source and adding Jefo`s protease, we’ll have the benefit to reduce the formulation cost without compromising on performance.

A key challenge in the feed industry now is to make a performing feed that is less vulnerable to fluctuating raw material prices and availability – and safer for the environment and the people who use it, also improve profit for both producer & farmer. Trials with the Jefo solution have consistently shown performance and economic benefits in shrimp and fish fed diets containing different raw materials in both pelleted and extruded rations.