Read Our President Director’s Profile - no surprise, her passion is to work in agriculture industry!


Wully Wahyuni, as the first Indonesian and female leader of Trouw Nutrition Indonesia was interviewed by Agrina Magazine, an Indonesian national magazine which focuses on agribusiness. In the article Wully mentioned that it is her passion to work in the agriculture industry, it’s a strategic industry and has critical role in human health as a protein supplier. On the Indonesian poultry market, she mentioned that there is an uneven distribution of consumption, there are still a high number of stunting cases. Indonesia’s agriculture industry & the society in general will need to work together to educate the market on the importance of protein and to allocate wisely on consumer spending to increase the protein consumption across the country.

As a company that plays a crucial role in the feed-to-food supply chain in Indonesia, Trouw Nutrition Indonesia aims to create a sustainable food system as we are committed to provide feed-to-food safety with an integrated solution to support animal health such as precision feeding - Nutriopt, gut health program, feed safety, and nutritional solution programs. 

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