Trouw Nutrition Indonesia Knowledge Series episode 1 was conducted on June 2021 with its first topic ‘Nutritional & Health Challenges in Rearing Layers’. Roland Koedijk,PhD Trouw Nutrition’s Global Head of Poultry Nutrition explained the importance of rearing phase on the development of layers, pullet development, and problems that occurs during rearing phase. To complete the topic, this time we collaborated with PT Ceva Animal Health Indonesia to talk about the health challenges in Indonesia during rearing phase which was delivered by drh. Ayatullah M. Natsir, Poultry Business Manager. There were more than 90 people joined the webinar including farmers, nutritionist, veterinarian, poultry specialist practitioners from all over Indonesia.  

This webinar, which was led by moderator Yana Ariana, Trouw Nutrition Indonesia’s KAM was to increase the participants’ knowledge, concept, and hopefully it will be benefiting farming practices. Trouw Nutrition Indonesia Knowledge Series will be delivered online for several times this year introducing international and local experts for all Trouw Nutrition Indonesia’s customers and other Indonesia’s successful industry professionals, providing easy access and latest topic related to farm management, animal health and nutrition.