Masterlab Asia by Trouw Nutrition Indonesia

Established in 2013, Masterlab Asia is an analysis laboratory for feed and feed raw material owned by PT Trouw Nutrition Indonesia. Masterlab Asia's role is not only to provide analysis services for the feed industry, but also plays a significant role in feed formulation in order to provide feed to food safety that requires by regulation. 

Masterlab Asia has the ability in chemical and microbiology testing, equipped with with state-of-the-art feed analysis technologies, and has best-in-class expertise.


Masterlab Asia has conducted international laboratory management system complience with:

  • ISO 17025:2017, since 2015 with certificate number LP-880-IDN by National Accreditation Comittee (KAN). 



To become an independent pioneer testing laboratory with accurate and reliable analysis results which focuses on feed and feed raw materials as well as other integrated ingredients or products in order to provide a feed-to-food safety for Indonesian consumers.



  1. Provide optimum testing services and consultation to customers.
  2. Guarantee a sense of security and trust to consumers.
  3. Carry out acurate, precision, and reliable testings.
  4. Improve human resources.
  5. Improve laboratory capabilities within the scope of testing.
  6. Expand our cooporations with non-government or/and governmental institutions.

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