Trouw Nutrition Premix

#2 Global Premix Producer

Trouw Nutrition is the animal nutrition specialist, producing over 12% of all premixes used worldwide as the #2 global premix producer.

Premix essentials with more than 80 years of profound knowledge of premix formulation and manufacturing. Quality control with careful ingredient screening and stringent quality control based on five quality principles of nutrace. Best support as premixes are designed to meet your manufacturing and technical needs with our complete support. 

MIXtrouwvit - The Best Support You Can Get!

MIXtrouwvit is a specific and individually tailored formulation premix by Trouw Nutrition Indonesia to deliver optimal performance efficiency. Manufactured in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Indonesia, certified ISO 22000, CPOHB, FAMI QS. 


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Why MIXtrouwvit?

  • Proven and consistent animal result
  • Quality assurance for feed safety
  • Premium quality vitamins and minerals, bioavailability and stable during processing specifically to be used in animal feed (FEED GRADE).
  • Anti-oxidant and anti-caking
  • Adequate incorporation rate, enabling a uniform mixing in the final feed
  • Optimal particle size and mixing properties

The Latest R&D

Using the latest R&D, we deliver innovative solutions to meet the demand of modern poultry production.

In-house Laboratory

We provide extensive feed and feed ingredients analysis closely linked to our formulation services to ensure accuracy of formulation.

Dedicated Global Quality Control - Nutrace

Each day we deliver the highest level of excellence and value through Nutrace, our quality feed-to-food safety programme. Careful ingredient screening as well as stringent quality control procedures are key, we have adequate traceability systems in place. Each stages of our premix production and distribution is carefully monitored. 

We protect the integrity of our Brand, as well as our customers' by ensuring consistent quality of all products.

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MIXtrouwvit Poultry Series

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MIXtrouwvit Aqua Series 

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