For better livestock performance

Farm-O-San offers practical and easy to use nutritional solutions for better livestock performance. We use our extensive knowledge about livestock farming and experience in livestock nutrition to develop products and services that help you to deal with the challenges you are facing every day.

All Farm-O-San products are free of antibiotics and other medication.

Thanks to advances in genetics, housing and poultry nutrition, the production potential of the poultry industry has increased enormously over the last few decades. To reach this potential, it is crucial to manage and improve your flock’s health and performance continuously. Gain insight into the challenges that the poultry industry is facing every day and the solutions available to you.

Farm-O-San Product Range

AW Nutri
AW Nutri

Supplement drink for chickens during high temperature

  • Drink supplement in the form of powder contains the right electrolytes, high dose of vitamin C and magnesium.
  • To prevent dehydration and stabilize blood pH.
  • To achieve better growth and reduce mortality.

A dietetic feed during peak production for layers

  • Reduce and prevent FLS case
  • Farm-O-San FLS contains Linseed, a source of Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFA) which is an alternative energy source for layers.
  • Farm-O-San FLS also contains various vitamins that could stimulate liver's function, such as: Choline, Vitamin E, Vit. B12, Biotin, and Vit. B1.



Hepatoprotector for Chicken's Health

Farm-O-San Orange contains a mixture of curcuma extract and multivitamin that can help the chicken to avoid the negative effects of oxidative damage.

  • In the form of powder that dissolve easily in water (cold water dispersion).
  • Serves to suppress stress, increase appetite, and stimulate poultry's health.

Strongly recommended to be used in starter laying phase

  • Contains a complete multivitamin with high concentration that can help to meet the requirements of micronutrients during the early days of poultry growth.
  • In laying phase, it will optimize the reproduction system.

A combination of vitamin D and mineral to improve eggshell quality

Farm-O-San Shellboost is developed to improve the quality of eggshell and can be use as soon as eggshell problems are detected. It is easy to use and is administered via feed.


Farm-O-San Sircuvit is a vitamin supplement with complete combination between piper betel extract, curcuma extract and multivitamin

  • It can help to improve health during transition season.
  • Powder form that dissolve easily in water (cold water dispersion).
  • To overcome stress and increase feed intake.
  • Helps inhibit the growth of pathogenic microbes.

Stimulate compensatory growth

A cold water dispersion vitamin and amino acid for poultry containing the essential vitamin, amino acid and supplement.

  • AW Nutri is the most suitable form for animal drinking water.
  • AW Nutri is able to support poultry growth and performance, support amino acid balance and support in recovery from disease.

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