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At Trouw Nutrition, we are dedicated to supporting both our customers and the planet. By working with us, you can help accelerate the transition towards a truly sustainable food system and create a brighter future we all hope for, from planet to plate. Discover more about why we exist through our vision, mission and values below.

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Our Purpose

Our purpose – Feeding the Future – is our reason for being. It inspires us every day and gives what we do meaning and urgency. It is centred around the reality that our global population is growing rapidly. By 2050, nearly 10 billion people will inhabit the Earth – and we will need to produce 70% more food to feed them, without depleting the planet. Add to these mouths the growing number of their four-legged friends that also need to be fed. This is an enormous challenge that we share across the feed-to-food chain, and we are committed to playing our part.

Together with our parent company, Nutreco, and our sister division, Skretting, we believe we can drive a transformation in how our industry operates. We can guide milk, egg and meat farmers towards a circular agriculture system that uses land and resources more sustainably - helping feed the growing population and at the same time building trust between people in our farming communities and our cities. With a presence in all stages of the value chain – including operations focused on animal nutrition, sustainable animal production, processing and distribution – we bring unique insights and reliable experience to this challenge.

Our Vision

We believe the power of nutrition and good farm management can transform our industry – and even our planet. So, we are challenging how the feed-to-food chain works today, to create a brighter future, from planet to plate. 

our future generations need the same resources for their living

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