90 years of building a more sustainable future

Posted October 

Trouw Nutrition is an organisation that deeply cares about building a more sustainable future – both for our industry and for people everywhere.

We have a 90-year history of dedication to innovation and deep experience in developing smarter and more sustainable ways of raising healthy farm animals and companion animals. Our broad portfolio of feed specialties, feed additives, premixes and nutritional models and services, along with our ever-increasing expertise in feed, farm and health make us a one-stop-shop with limitless opportunities to create tailored, integrated solutions suited to each customer’s local situation. And we are everywhere our customers need us, with a presence in 105 countries.

feeding the population with quality animal production and feed quality

We believe the power of nutrition and good farm management can transform our industry and even our planet. So, we are challenging how the feed-to-food chain works today, to create a brighter future, from planet to plate.

Being part of a company like Nutreco, with a unique position and network, enables us to build strong partnerships across our industry. The company has been dedicated to sustainability and innovation from the beginning – empowering us to carry out our collective mission of Feeding the Future.

all are born with values and so the organization

Our values

At Trouw Nutrition, everything we do is driven by passion and backed by science. Our 8,000+ people care deeply about what they do, about one another and the environment in which they work. To fulfill our collective mission of Feeding the Future, we adhere to four clearly defined core values – Innovative, Caring, Collaborative and Capable – which are adopted throughout the group. These are supported by the SHV values: Integrity and Loyalty.

Marking the start of our family businesses back in the 19th century, We have undergone expansion and development, from providing innovative solutions for Poultry, Dairy, Swine, Companion animals and Feed commercial mills from individual farmers to large scale businesses across the globe. For more information check Our Journey

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