Optimize animal health by Trace minerals

What are trace minerals?

Trace minerals are metal elements that are essential to optimize animal health, well-being, and performance. Unfortunately, raw materials within the feed often do not contain enough to fulfil the animal’s nutritional requirement. Therefore, different minerals are commonly supplemented in animal feed, such as copper, zinc, magnesium, ion, selenium etc.  

Why are trace minerals important?  

Trace minerals support biological functions required for proper immune function, reproduction, and growth.  

Trace minerals support 4 vital functions: 

  • Structural:  Minerals involved in structural components such as bone and hoofs, as well as in enzymes or membranes. 
  • Physiological:  Minerals in body fluids and tissues concerned with for example acid balance and membrane permeability.
  • Regulatory: Minerals regulate cell replication and differentiation 
  • Catalytic: Minerals can act as catalysts in enzymes and endocrine systems 

The balance of minerals  

Trace minerals are essential but adding the right amount is essential as Trace minerals can be both beneficial as well as harmful. The animal quickly responds to insufficient minerals. For example, Insufficient dietary supply of Zn leads to a reduction in performance. Within 1-24 hours you will see the mobilisation of internal Zn stores (skeletal tissue). Within 3-5d the adsorptive and excretive mechanisms adapt.

The animal quickly responds to sufficient/excessive minerals as well. You will see a reduced metal absorption efficiency as well as the elimination of excessive metal by secretion into the GI tract.

It is all about finding the optimal balance to optimize the health and performance of animals.

Trace mineral challenges and benefits

A well-balanced trace mineral optimization programme offers you solutions to several challenges:

  • Optimise trace mineral supplementation for effectively fulfilling the animal's requirements.
  • Minimize reactivity in feed to maximize feed quality, feed intake and bioavailability.
  • Minimize impact on rumen microbes to increase NDF digestibility.
  • Maximize the accuracy of trace mineral addition for convenience & Peace of mind.
  • Less impact on the environment through less excretion.
  • Helping you in reducing your carbon footprint.