70:10 Ratio of Hydroxy to Organic Trace Minerals

The optimal performance and well-being in animal nutrition is an ongoing journey marked by innovation and discovery. A groundbreaking concept has emerged amid this landscape: the 70:10 ratio of hydroxy to organic trace minerals. This revolutionary approach, born from the collaborative efforts of industry pioneers and academic experts, promises to redefine the way we perceive and utilize trace mineral supplementation.

Unveiling the Synergy

Recent research has shed light on the unparalleled benefits of combining hydroxy and organic minerals in a precise ratio. Unlike traditional sources or combinations, this dynamic synergy transcends boundaries, elevating animal performance to new heights. Studies have unequivocally demonstrated the superiority of this innovative blend, showcasing remarkable improvements in metrics such as end body weight and feed conversion efficiency.

Unlocking the Mechanism

Central to this synergy is the unique release profile of hydroxy and organic minerals. As these minerals traverse the intestinal tract, their complementary characteristics come into play, ensuring optimal absorption at every stage. While hydroxy minerals gradually release soluble metals in areas of low pH, organic minerals maintain structural integrity, extending absorption deep into the gut. This synchronized dance of molecules unlocks a pathway to enhanced bioavailability and efficacy, paving the way for unprecedented outcomes in animal nutrition.

Choosing the Right Path

In a landscape rife with choices, the selection of trace mineral sources emerges as a pivotal decision. Beyond mere bioavailability, factors such as particle size, density, and synergy play crucial roles in determining efficacy. It is within this context that the combination of organic and hydroxy trace minerals shines brightest, offering a revolutionary solution tailored to meet the demands of modern animal agriculture.

Embracing the Future

As we confront the challenges of a rapidly evolving world, the importance of innovation in animal nutrition cannot be overstated. The advent of the 70:10 ratio of hydroxy to organic trace minerals heralds a new era of possibility, where precision and performance converge to shape the future of agriculture. In a world where every advancement counts, these innovations serve as beacons of hope, guiding us towards a future where productivity, health, and sustainability go hand in hand.


In the dynamic landscape of animal nutrition, the journey towards excellence is fueled by innovation and collaboration. The emergence of the 70:10 ratio of hydroxy to organic trace minerals represents a paradigm shift in our approach to supplementation, offering a potent blend of efficacy and efficiency. As we navigate the complexities of modern agriculture, let us embrace these innovations as catalysts for change, propelling us towards a future where the boundaries of possibility are continually redrawn.