Antibiotic reduction

An integrated approach to AMR

Antibiotic Reduction

Antimicrobial resistance occurs when a microorganism becomes resistant to antibiotics. It is a rising problem for both humans and animals worldwide. If not tackled, it will be the number one global public health issue and could grow to 10 million human deaths in 2050.

Antibiotic Reduction Programme aims to empower producers in safely and efficiently reducing the use of antibiotics. With a record of accomplishment spanning over 15 years our integrated feed-, farm- and health approach has helped producers to achieve at least equal, but in most cases improved productivity, while reducing antibiotic usage. Selko's antibiotic reduction programme safeguards animal health, animal welfare, and production profitability.

An integrated approach to AMR


Reducing antibiotic usage requires nutritional, feed formulation, and feed safety considerations

  • In feed management, many distinct aspects should be considered; nutrition, feed formulation and feed safety. Both in feed safety and nutritional quality we evaluate where it is most efficient to act, in the raw material in the feed production or both. 
  • Providing specially designed feed formulations for young animals, containing high-quality raw materials and a tailored package of feed additives, is rapidly gaining popu­larity. From the nutritional side, a solid matrix evaluation of the raw materials is needed, followed by balanced ration calculations. Within AR programmes, moulds and mycotoxins should be mitigated at the highest level, as they have an adverse effect on gut integrity and immunity, depending on the type of mycotoxin


Managing farms well is essential for reducing the reliance on antibiotics

  • The bigger the farms, the more biosecurity, both internal and external, becomes important. By removing antibiotics from feed and water, previously hidden farm management risks come into view. The good news is that these can be identified and managed without antibiotics in most cases. Aided by the experience and technical knowledge of the Trouw Nutrition technical local and global teams, Selko's antibiotic reduction programme includes support with farm management procedures, protocols, and guidelines.


Health and performance of animals depend on gut health

  • Gut health is an enduring challenge for animal producers, accounting for up to 80% of antimicrobials used in animal production, given that vaccines can prevent most other health issues. Feed formulation and dietary strategies, which include the synergistic use of feed additives, can help to improve gastrointestinal development and digestion, the absorption of nutrients, and immunity.

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