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Potential Hazards of Cobalt in Poultry


Cobalt (Co) is harmful & not considered as an essential trace mineral in monogastric animals such as Poultry

Potential Hazards of Cobalt in Poultry

Chickens fed 250 & 500 mg cobalt/kg feed could develop

1. Right ventricular hypertrophy & ascites

2. Pancreatic fibrosis, multifocal hepatic necrosis

3. Lesions in skeletal & cardiac muscle & smooth muscle of the duodenum

-Exposure of high cobalt content (above 100ppm) in premix may cause carcinogenesis in humans by inhalation


Use Vitamin B 12 (Vit B12) as supplement for poultry in the range of 3-25 g/kg  complete feed.

Molecule of vitamin B12 contains 4% cobalt, therefore it can be used to supplement cobalt in the diets