Nutreco’s Garden of the Future

At Nutreco’s Garden of the Future, we encompass all our phytotechnology activities under one roof and focus on plants that have never been used before in the livestock and aqua feed industry as well as using existing plants in new and innovative ways.

Our ground-breaking research is bringing fresh perspectives to our industry so that we can create new and innovative products and solutions.



We chose Thurgau intentionally as Switzerland is one of the few countries in the world where people are educated in phyto-pharmacy and skilled to address human disease with plants. And the Phyto-valley, as we call it, is an area with a concentration of more than 50 companies specifically dedicated to the phyto-pharmacy industry meaning we can benefit from the people, skills & talents, laboratories, suppliers, startups that are located there.

Our activities include screening of plant candidates; designing biological modelling to rank the plant's potential; analysing plant chemotype; developing and executing proper methods to propagate the selected plant; and developing growing protocols for our trusted suppliers to grow/care for the plants at different places around the globe.  And finally, we define how to process the plant to make it suitable for use as feed additives or feed materials. 

We also manage all our IP and regulatory activities ourselves opening up untapped possibilities of applications for the use of new plants. So, our whole approach is different. 

To do all this amazing work, we have our own specialist team of agronomists, phyto-pharmacists and phyto-chemists collaborating with colleagues from across Nutreco companies.

Achieving our purpose of Feeding the Future in a sustainable way requires us to produce protein from more, and more varied sources. Through our work at Nutreco’s Garden of the Future, we’re pioneering plant-based solutions to meet our customers' needs and supporting our purpose. With our expertise, passion and innovative solutions, we believe we can help our industry make a revolutionary change for the better.