Phytogenic Feed Additive Fytera

  • Phytogenics, derived from plants, serve as natural additives in animal feed, promoting improved performance and overall health.
  • Components such as essential oils, herbs, spices, and plant extracts comprise phytogenics, offering a holistic approach to animal nutrition.
  • Growing popularity as a natural alternative to antibiotics and growth promoters underscores their effectiveness and safety.
  • Demonstrated benefits include enhanced digestion, increased appetite, boosted immune function, and reduced disease risk in animals.
  • Improved quality of animal products, including meat and milk, further highlights the impact of phytogenics on animal agriculture.

Introducing Fytera Perform: The Revolutionary Phytogenic Feed Additive

  • Trouw Nutrition South Asia unveils Fytera Perform, a groundbreaking feed additive harnessing the power of phytogenics for optimized animal nutrition.
  • Fytera Perform stimulates enzyme secretion, enhancing digestion and nutrient absorption, thereby improving feed efficiency.
  • Increased appetite and palatability encourage higher feed intake, crucial for sustained animal growth and performance.
  • Immune system bolstering properties reduce disease risk, while promoting beneficial gut microflora enhances gut health and reduces harmful pathogens.

Tailored Formulation for Varied Animal Species

  • Fytera Perform is meticulously formulated to address specific challenges encountered by different animal species.
  • A strategic blend of potent phytogenic feed additive compounds ensures efficacy and safety, offering a natural alternative to antibiotics and synthetic growth promoters.
  • Extensive research and testing guarantee adherence to the highest industry standards, providing quality assurance for consumers.

Proven Benefits of Fytera Perform

  • Independent research demonstrates consistent improvement in Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) in broilers, translating into profitability for customers.
  • Beyond FCR enhancement, Fytera Perform also contributes to improved body weight, underscoring its efficacy in promoting optimal animal performance.
  • Based on natural ingredients, Fytera Perform delivers reliable, consistent results, aligning with the growing demand for sustainable animal production practices.
Embracing a Sustainable Future in Animal Agriculture
  • Fytera Perform represents a significant stride towards a more responsible and sustainable approach to animal feed and nutrition.
  • By unlocking nature's potential, Trouw Nutrition paves the way for a brighter future in animal agriculture, emphasizing natural solutions for improved performance and well-being.