Fytera Perform

Fytera Perform is a globally formulated phytogenic solution that supports optimal animal performance by improving the feed conversion ratio. Fytera perform constains the full-spectrum, standardised essential oils of 3 plants with a total of 15 components. Independent research shows a consistently improved FCR in broilers resulting in profitability for our customers

Product application

Fytera Perform should be added to a premix to ensure homogeneous dispersion. 

Inclusion rate for poultry

150g/t of complete poultry feed 

Reach out to our Trouw Nutrition India's representative at customer-care for more information


  • Improves FCR
  • Improves body weight
  • Based on natural ingredients
  • Proven consistent results
  • Quality assurance

Fytera Perform

Phytogenic solutions: An integrated startegy

Phytogenic solutions consists of novel plant based functional ingredients that support  specific physiological and metabolic processes in production animals. High quality, full-spectrum ingredients form the basis of highly targeted solutions to challenges in livestock production

fytera poultry feed solution

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