Mycotoxin risk

Why should you choose a quality mycotoxin binder for ruminants?

Mycotoxins are a hardly avoidable risk in feed formulation with a huge impact on animal health and biological performance. Compared to other livestock species, ruminants have a much higher resistance to mycotoxins and their impacts due to intensive ruminal degradation. Nevertheless, considering the fed raw materials, ruminants are exposed to a broader range of mycotoxins at higher concentrations. Regarding the type of utilization, dairy cows are more susceptible than beef cattle because of higher feed consumption and increased metabolic stress.

Clinical Impacts & resulting Objectives

The impact of mycotoxin contamination varies greatly depending on the type of mycotoxin involved. Aflatoxins pose a significant threat to human health, particularly due to the presence of AFM1, a metabolite that can transfer to the human food chain through milk. AFM1's hepatotoxic and carcinogenic properties underscore the importance of strict limits on AFB1 in feed and AFM1 in milk.

When considering animal health and performance, the effects of fusarium toxins are influenced by contamination levels and ruminal degradation intensity. The quality of protozoa populations, rumen pH, and passage time play crucial roles in this degradation process. For instance, studies show that conditions of ruminal acidosis and reduced microbial activity can lead to decreased disappearance of toxins like Deoxynivalenol, Nivalenol, and Enniatin B. In cases of high contamination and diminished ruminal degradation, fusarium toxins may inflict similar harm as seen in monogastric animals.

  • Disruption of the gastrointestinal barrier, leaky gut
  • Oxidative stress
  • Inflammation
  • Immune suppression
  • Liver stress
  • Consequently, efficient toxin binders have to target two essential points in ruminants:

Challenges of toxin binding

It's like looking for the needle in a haystack. A toxin binder today should be.

  • Effective against all kinds of mycotoxins 
  • As inexpensive as possible
  • Not binding any nutrition -Well-documented
  • Given at a very low dosage

Navigating the multitude of toxin binder products in the market is like diving into a sea of promises, with quality and price variations hinting at substantial gaps between expectation and reality. When it comes to differentiation, the breadth of mycotoxin coverage stands out as a critical factor.

In crafting our innovative solution, we prioritized multi-toxin binding. Our product, Toxo-XL, Toxo-MX is a carefully formulated blend of inorganic and organic compounds, meticulously processed for maximum mycotoxin adsorption.

In the complex world of mycotoxin contamination, rarely does a single toxin reign supreme. Analyzing raw materials can be costly and inconclusive, given the uneven distribution of mycotoxins. Hence, the importance of a product capable of binding multiple toxins simultaneously cannot be overstated.

To ensure peace of mind, opt for a solution like Toxo-XL, designed to tackle the diverse array of mycotoxins lurking in your feed.


Despite high-quality standards, molds and their mycotoxins are a problem in animal feed. These toxic metabolic products can lead to performance loss in animals. They can also pass from the animal food chain into the human food chain.

Toxo, the guardian of animal health, embarks on a journey through the digestive tract. As it encounters mycotoxins lurking in the feed, Toxo acts as a magnetic force, irreversibly binding these harmful substances. Whether they're polar or nonpolar, like aflatoxin B1, zearalenone, T-2 toxin, or ochratoxin A, Toxo wraps them up like a protective shield.

These mycotoxins, once trapped, are unable to be reabsorbed. Instead, they cling to Toxo's surface, forming a complex that is safely expelled in the excreta. With Toxo by your side, rest assured that your animals are shielded from the dangers of mycotoxin contamination.


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