TOXO-XL is part of Trouw Nutrition's Mycotoxin Risk Management Programme and consists of smectite clays, which have shown to be highly effective in reducing mycotoxin’s bioavailability.

Additionally, TOXO-XL contains specifically selected glucose biopolymers and purified ß-glucans to reinforce the intestinal barrier function and the immune system, which are mainly affected by Fusarium mycotoxins such as Trichothecenes and Fumonisins.

Product application

TOXO-XL should be used in cases of mycotoxin contamination in raw materials or complete feed. TOXO-XL can be incorporated into the feeding program via premixes or feed.


  • Binds and eliminates mycotoxins
  • Strengthens intestinal barriers
  • Modulates immune response
  • Mitigates animal performance impairment caused by exposure to mycotoxins


  • Dry powder form
  • To be used for swine, poultry and ruminants (other species can be discussed with your Trouw Nutrition India representative)
  • Strong validation across the globe

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TOXO-XL is part of the mycotoxin risk mangement programme that helps identify, reduce and monitor the risk of mycotoxins in raw materials and complete feed

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