Fylax® Forte

Fylax Forte is a synergistic blend of organic acids and surfactants. Organic acids reduce moulds to maintain the nutrient value and prolong the shelf life of raw materials, compound animal feed. The surfactants act to optimize the distribution of Fylax throughout the feed and increase its water binding capacity. This improves both its anti-mould effect as well as feed mill efficiency. It compensates moisture loss and maximises feed mill efficiency.

Product application

Fylax Forte is a synergetic blend of organic acids and surfactants. It's production technology creates activated propionates held on mecelles.

  • The activated propionates technology increases the porosity of moulds' outer layers effectively eliminating moulds
  • The surfactants ingredient in Fylax Forte lowers the surface tension of water, ensuring an optimal distribution of the hydrating solution througout the complete batch of mixed ingredients.   


  • Activated propionates for effective mould control in feed
  • Prolongs shelf-life of raw materials, compound feed
  • Protects nutritional value
  • Helps retain moisture content and improving production capacity
  • Stable propionic acid recovery of > 95% after extrusion

SAFELY IMPROVING MOISTURE PROFILE: Trouw Nutrition India's integrated strategy

Fy;ax Forte is part of the Feed safety programme, which provides a complete solution to challenges related to microbial risk management and process moisture management

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