Maxcare, our leading animal feed supplement brand, provides farmers with a portfolio of easy-to-use products uniquely formulated to support animal performance. These well-balanced solutions offer optimal nutrition while ensuring good ROI

Our full range of feed supplements for ruminants, and poultry supplies all essential micro ingredients (vitamins, macro and trace minerals) and additives (amino acids, enzymes and more).

Ensure the best output with optimal input from Maxcare


Maxcare is a convenience product for farmers (home-mixing and non-home-mixing) and feed mills. Maxcare typically includes all required vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids and other feed additives, bringing all these micro-ingredients in one product. In perfect balance and homogeneously mixed in the feed. Maxcare offers well-balanced diets of consistently high quality while minimising cost of feed and feed production. Maxcare’s science- and convenience-based products, underpinned by Trouw Nutrition’s support services, provide an optimal solution to animal nutrition requirements.



Maxcare is a balanced mix of vitamins, Minerals, and micro-and macro-ingredients that provides:

  • Convenience of use because of easy dosing, single-point purch

    ase and logistics

  • Assured quality as a result of five-step careful ingredient screening and stringent quality control
  • Assured performance with better uniformity and production enhancement



Science behind it

Maxcare products, mixed in complete feeds or made freely accessible to the animals, have a standard inclusion rate ranging from 1-5%. Maxcare’s excellent mixing properties ensure animals receive homogenous feeds, rations and an adequate nutrient supply.

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