Trouw Min®

Trouw Min is an optimized belnd for Best performance in Ruminants to enhance fertility for better reproductive performance, Improve the milk quality with greater fat and SNF content and helps to develop a shiny body coat condition for better disease resistance.

Product application

Trouw Min can be used for;

  • Adult animals - 50g/animal/day mixed in feed
  • Heifers and calves - 25-30g/animal/day mixed in feed

or As directed by your Trouw Nutrition India representative


  • Superior blend for vitamins and trace minerals
  • High bioavailability and stability of the blend
  • Supports enhanced production, reproduction and immunity in ruminants
  • Synergistic antioxidant function and higher disease resistance
  • Better hoof health and energy metabolism
  • enhanced body growth

DELIVERING NUTRIENTS FOR BEST PRODUCTION: Trouw Nutrition India's integrated strategy

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