Trouw Premixes

The best premixes that you can rely on. Premix essentials with more than 80 years of profound knowledge of premix formulation and manufacturing. Quality control with careful ingredient screening and stringent quality control based on five quality principles of nutrace. Best support as premixes are designed to meet your manufacturing and technical needs with our complete support 

Quality Feeds Value - Nutrace

Each day we deliver the highest level of excellence and value through Nutrace, our quality feed-to-food safety programme. Strict Nutrace standards are applied to Trouw Nutrition products and services, from original ingredients through production and delivery. We protect the integrity of our Brand, as well as our customers' by ensuring consistent quality of all products.

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Product application

Trouw premix can be incorporated as per the manufacturing needs.

Reach out to our Trouw Nutrition India's representative at customer-care for more information


  • Higher bioavailability of micro-nutrients
  • Higher stability
  • Proven consistent results
  • Quality assurance
  • Optimum size for stable mixing properties

DELIVERING NUTRIENTS FOR BEST PRODUCTION: Trouw Nutrition India's integrated startegy

Trouw Premixes have been proven to deliver micro-nutrients Viz. Vitamins, minerals, trace minerals etc. to assure the users of the desired results consistently.

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