Mycomaster is a convenient and practical system in the market to measure mycotoxin levels in feed. It stands out as a quick and efficient solution for a process that is commonly characterised by long delays.

scientific testing lab for researching mycotoxins

Integrators and feed millers face difficult times when they need to estimate the levels of mycotoxins in raw materials and final feed. While they need to make an accurate diagnosis of which mycotoxins are present and the degree of contamination, they also need to make quick decisions. Waiting for long periods for lab test analyses is not an option when effective actions need to be taken within hours. Managing imprecise information can lead to under or over-treatment, resulting in unnecessary high costs or bad feed quality.

Quick, accurate and cost convenient

The methods that are usually used to analyse mycotoxins - as HPLC, LCMS and ELISA- involve either long waits to get the results from a distant lab or require a laboratory on the spot.

Mycomaster – by Masterlab, Trouw Nutrition - is a system to accurately analyse mycotoxin levels within minutes and on site. This method is easy to perform and lowers the costs dramatically compared to any conventional procedure.

As laboratory skills are not needed, members of staff can easily be trained to perform the test. This simplifies the mycotoxin assessment challenge for integrators and feed millers, enabling them to perform rapid analysis on the premises without the need of lab technicians. The flexibility of quickly assessing which mycotoxins are in the raw material and the level of contamination gives them the opportunity to effectively treat the feed.

From the analysis to the risk management system

Mycotoxin contamination levels are hard to calculate. They change between batches and over time. Having the possibility to regularly asses the quality of the raw material enables integrators and feed millers to control and operate their own risk management system, assuring their clients high quality feed.

Besides measuring mycotoxin levels at a certain moment, Mycomaster is also developing a secured online database. By connecting the devise online, users will be able to input new data, compare it with reference information from a similar region, and to create their own management reports.  This insight will assists users to determine if a product for mycotoxin control needs to be added to the feed and its dosage.

The right approach for mycotoxin treatment

Once the level of contamination is known, it is essential to implement an appropriate treatment in the final feed to minimise the presence of any mycotoxins detected. The difficulty is that several different mycotoxins can simultaneously contaminate raw materials and feed. 

The TOXO range of products- by Trouw Nutrition- is especially designed for situations involving contamination with multiple mycotoxins. When feeds are contaminated with multiple mycotoxins, a toxin binder alone is usually insufficient. In such cases, it is crucial to apply different mechanisms that go beyond binding, as some mycotoxins are difficult to bind. TOXO offers an integrated solution for binding Aflatoxins and promotes excretion before absorption while supporting a healthy immune system.

Mycomaster now at Hyderabad

Trouw Nutrition India also offers this quick and reliable system at their customer service laboratory, MasterLab, in Hyderabad for their customers at a nominal price. For further information on Mycomaster, please contact us at