From Feed to Fork - Trouw Nutrition offers an integrated approach

Press release

Trouw Nutrition India, a Nutreco Company, is the global leader in animal nutrition with “Feeding the Future” as its mission.  Aligning with their mission, Trouw Nutrition successfully conducted a seminar on 25th May, 2019 at Panchkula focusing on two major aspects – Feed Safety and Gut Health.  The seminar had a gathering of around 70 key customers, farmers, feed millers and consultants.

from feed to fork integrated approach in animal nutrition

The seminar began with Dr. Chandani Parihar, Marketing Manager, Trouw Nutrition India welcoming the guests and setting the tone for the evening.

Dr. Saurabh Shekhar, General Manager, Trouw Nutrition India, spoke about the new developments at Trouw Nutrition. Trouw Nutrition, part of the SHV Group – a Dutch conglomerate, is at the heart of changes in a world with limited natural resources and growing pressure on the feed-to-food value chain. Trouw Nutrition is a one stop solution provider that has been supporting farmers, integrators and the feed industry around the world for over 80 years. Trouw Nutrition’s strong belief and investment of about € 50 million in research and innovation is helping it realise the necessary growth for farmers and integrators in the animal nutrition industry. Dr. Shekhar also gave the audience an overview of the company’s global operations and the key focus areas.

Dr. Swamy Haladi, Feed Additives Manager, Trouw Nutrition India had a very interactive session with audience on Mycotoxin Management.  Salient features of his presentation are:

  • There are many factors that affect mould and mycotoxin occurrence in the feed to food chain and the contamination can happen both in the field and during storage.
  • Out of the many mycotoxins, it is important for the farmers and feed millers to focus their efforts on the mycotoxins that are relevant to Indian condition i.e. are found more commonly in the tropical climate and have a lower LD50 value.
  • Based on the mycotoxin analysis conducted by Trouw Nutrition in MasterLab (the local customer laboratory facility in Hyderabad) and on field through Mycomaster (a rapid, cost-effective and accurate analytical tool for on-field mycotoxin analysis) it has been found that 97% samples are contaminated with aflatoxins.  Ochratoxins and T-2 toxin were not detected at toxic levels.
  • A complete Mycotoxin Management should include understanding of the origin of raw materials to observing the birds for mycotoxin related issues and using solutions that are specific to those issues.
  • Trouw Nutrition can help in complete Mycotoxin Management through a combination of their services and products.  Services like Mycomaster and laboratory analysis at MasterLabcan be utilized for quick and reliable analysis of raw materials and feed.  This is essential to monitor mould and aflatoxin levels.  Products like Toxo MXthe best aflatoxin binder with maximum aflatoxin adsorption capacity, can be employed to reduce toxin impact.

Dr. Sabiha Kadari, Technical Manager, Trouw Nutrition India talked about the integrated approach for a healthy gut environment.  Key points of her presentation are:

  • Healthy gut is critical for overall bird health as it is directly related to the entry of microbes through feed, water, environment and vertical transmission.
  • Antibiotic Growth Promoters (AGPs) have been used since many decades to counteract the ill effects of pathogenic microbes.  However, the misuse of AGPs has been related to other problems like destruction of commensal flora, overgrowth of resistant microbes and eventually re-infections, diarrhoea and mortality.
  • An integrated and sustainable approach for promoting healthy gut includes covering both feed and water sources.  Use of organic acids – small chain fatty acids (SCFA), medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) have been proven to have positive effects on the gut environment.
  • Trouw Nutrition can help through products like Selacid Green, a synergistic blend of free and buffered SCFAs and MCFAs, that improves technical performance of bird and controls both Gram+ive and Gram-ive bacteria . Water quality should also be looked at to ensure good gut health.  Selko pH is a synergistic blend of free and buffered organic acids, which helps to stabilize water pH and improves intestinal health.
  • Trouw also offers water quality testing at MasterLab in Hyderabad, part of the largest professional network of laboratory service in animal nutrition industry.

Mr. Mohit Kumar Agarwal, Sales Manager – North India, concluded the seminar by thanking the participants and requesting the customers for their continued support.

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