Gut Health

Strategies and Feed Additives to Enhance Animal Gut Health

In the realm of animal production, maintaining optimal gut health stands as a persistent challenge, with nearly 80% of antimicrobials utilized in this sector. While vaccines offer preventive solutions for various health issues, addressing gut health through strategic feed formulations and dietary interventions remains paramount. Leveraging a diverse array of feed additives, as recommended by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), emerges as a key strategy to bolster gastrointestinal development, enhance nutrient absorption, and fortify immunity.

Feed Additives for Gut Health Enhancement

  • Synergistic Organic Acid Blend: Administered via water, our proprietary organic acid blend fosters digestion with its unique composition of organic acids, facilitating improved nutrient utilization.
  • Gut Health Additive: Featuring a blend of patented slow-release C12, butyrate, and phenolic compounds, this additive, when incorporated into feed, stabilizes gut microbiota and reinforces gut barrier integrity, crucial for overall gut health maintenance.
  • Hydroxy Trace Minerals (Copper and Zinc): Endorsed by FAO, Trouw’s hydroxy trace minerals serve as potent antimicrobial agents while bolstering immunity response, thereby promoting robust gut health.

Synergistic Approach for AGP-Free Production:

Combining our gut health additive with hydroxy trace minerals in feed formulations offers a promising pathway towards antibiotic growth promoter (AGP)-free production systems. This synergistic blend targets two pivotal aspects of gut health—strengthening gut barrier function and stabilizing microbiota—resulting in enhanced digestion, immune modulation, and notable improvements in animal health and performance.

Unlocking the Potential of Phytogenics

Decades ago, phytogenics emerged as alternatives to antibiotics in animal nutrition, aiming to support livestock performance. While some phytogenics exhibit antimicrobial properties in vitro, their in-feed inclusion levels typically yield minimal direct antimicrobial effects. However, by harnessing phytotechnology to bolster the host's innate defense mechanisms and physiological functions, phytogenic products contribute significantly to optimal performance in antibiotic-free or -reduced production systems.

In conclusion, prioritizing gut health in animal production entails a multifaceted approach, wherein strategic feed additives play a pivotal role. By embracing synergistic formulations and harnessing the potential of phytogenics, producers can navigate towards sustainable, AGP-free production systems while ensuring optimal animal health and performance.


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