Commercial farming conditions of nowadays place various stressors on the intestinal tract of production animals, such as diet changes in broiler production. Furthermore, the pressure to remove antibiotics from the production change increases the need for alternative solutions. Presan-FY is part of the gut health programme that focuses on microbial control, decreasing antibiotic use and enhancing animal performance. It helps to improve animal production, especially in challenging environments. Besides that, it enables the reduction of antibiotic use in poultry.

Product application

Presan can be incorporated into the feeding program via premixes or directly into feed.


  • Improves Poultry performance
  • Supports antibiotic-free production
  • Improves microbial balance
  • Strengthens Gut barrier integrity
  • strong validation across the globe

Interesting resources

Persan Broucher

IMPROVING POULTRY GUT HEALTH: Trouw Nutrition India's integrated strategy

Presan-FY is part of the poultry Gut health programme that focuses on health and performance improvement, aiming to increase the number of flocks raised without antibiotics. Presan-FY boosts gut barrier integrity and improves microbial balance in the entire gastrointestinal tract, resulting in improved poultry performance.

antibiotics reduction in poultry farming

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