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At Trouw Nutrition, we take our commitment to Responsible Nutrition seriously. We are more than just a company; we are a force for positive change in the world of animal nutrition and production. Our holistic approach encompasses various initiatives that have a direct impact on the planet, the people we serve, and the future we all share.

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We have a 90-year history of dedication to innovation and deep experience in developing smarter and more sustainable ways of raising healthy farm animals and companion animals. Our broad portfolio of feed specialties, feed additives, premixes and nutritional models and services, along with our ever-increasing expertise in feed, farm and health make us a one-stop-shop with limitless opportunities to create tailored, integrated solutions suited to each customer’s local situation. And we are everywhere our customers need us, with a presence in 105 countries. We believe the power of nutrition and good farm management can transform our industry – and even our planet. So, we are challenging how the feed-to-food chain works today, to create a brighter future, from planet to plate.

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News and articles

Trouw Nutrition Launches Remote Access and Data Logging for Feed Mills

Press release
Bringing a new level of precision to animal feed production, Trouw Nutrition, a Nutreco company, is introducing remote data and logging capability services to its Selko Feed Additive solutions.
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Janssen Varkens and Trouw Nutrition Partnership supports nutrition research from feed to fork

Press release
Trouw Nutrition, the animal nutrition division of Nutreco, announces Janssen Varkens as the newest partner to its global network of validation farms. The closed swine farm, with 500 sows and 4200 fattening pigs, is located in Castenray near the Trouw Nutrition Swine Research Facility outside Boxmeer, the Netherlands. The pigs at Janssen Farm are delivered to Westfort, a slaughterhouse regarded for its modernized capabilities and sustainable food chain. Over the years, the farm makes use of RFID ear chips, which contributes to transparency and traceability through the pork chain by monitoring individual pig data from farm to slaughterhouse. The RFID- ear chips can collect and provide data on pigs’ body weight, growth, health, vaccination programme, antibiotic use, and carcass traits from birth until slaughter and from insemination until the end of lactation. In this manner, the full production cycle is captured, and an online data connection is established from feed to fork.
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Trouw Nutrition, Inga Food and Nanta Celebrate Completion of First Swine Study at Validation Farm Arruego

Press release
A collaboration initiated in 2019 by Trouw Nutrition between its global Research & Development department, its Spanish affiliate Trouw Nutrition Spain, and its sister companies Inga Food and Nanta is culminating in the first swine validation farm in Spain. Validation farms are an integral part of assessing the efficacy and practical applications of dietary and management solutions in real-world conditions. Whereas the research facilities provide a highly controlled environment for evaluating innovations, studies carried out on commercial validation farms allow these innovations to be assessed under practical production conditions. Beyond verifying the effectiveness and applicability of innovations, validation farms provide customers with added confidence that solutions will deliver efficacy in their local markets.
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