Responsible Nutrition

At Trouw Nutrition, we take our commitment to Responsible Nutrition seriously. Our unwavering dedication to sustainability is the driving force behind our actions. We are more than just a company; we are a force for positive change in the world of animal nutrition and production. Our holistic approach encompasses various initiatives that have a direct impact on the planet, the people we serve, and the future we all share.

  Pioneering Initiatives

  1. Reducing Antibiotic Usage: We are leading the charge in reducing antibiotic usage in animal production. Our innovative strategies prioritize animal health while minimizing the need for antibiotics, ensuring a healthier future for both animals and humans. 

  2. Revolutionizing Energy Consumption: In our quest for sustainability, we are revolutionizing energy consumption in feed mills. By implementing cutting-edge technologies and practices, we are reducing our carbon footprint and promoting energy-efficient solutions.

  3. Cutting-Edge Digital Solutions: Our digital solutions, including NutriOPT, Kinetio, and Watson, are transforming the way we optimize resources and ensure traceability throughout the supply chain. These tools empower us to make data-driven decisions that benefit both our clients and the environment. 

Driving Sustainable Practices

  1. NuTRACE Program: Our NuTRACE program enhances traceability, allowing us to monitor the journey of our raw materials and products. This transparency ensures quality, safety, and accountability at every step.

  2. Intellibond Carbon Footprint Analysis: We conduct in-depth carbon footprint analyses to understand and reduce our environmental impact. This commitment to sustainability goes hand in hand with our dedication to responsible nutrition.

  3. Antibiotic Reduction Campaigns: Our ongoing antibiotic reduction campaigns promote responsible antibiotic use in animal production. We work closely with industry partners to develop and implement effective strategies.