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Trouw Nutrition, as part of Nutreco, has long worked to build a more sustainable food system as we strive to achieve our mission of Feeding the Future.

On our way

To find out more about our sustainability achievements over the past five years, read our annual Sustainability Reports. Through our parent company, Nutreco, we’ve published standalone sustainability reports since 2000. You can read about how we create value and tackle challenges across the supply chain, the progress we’ve made on our key indicators, and how we work together with our stakeholders to create a better world for our employees, customers and suppliers.

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Sustainability Report 2017Sustainability Report 2016

Introducing our 2020 Sustainability Report

A word from Nutreco’s CEO, Rob Koremans, and Director of Sustainability,
José Villalón.

Ultimately, we are seeking a better balance between ourselves and the planet.
José Villalon – Director of Sustainability, Nutreco

Supplier Code of Conduct

We are committed to sourcing all our raw materials in a sustainable way – and we expect our supply chain partners to adhere to the same standards. That's why we ask them to sign and agree to comply with our Business Partner Code of Conduct. A total of 300 of our biggest suppliers and business partners, representing 90% of our spend, have already signed this Code.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Our latest strategy – Sustainability RoadMap 2025

After we reached the end of our Vision 2020 sustainability strategy last year, we set a new dot on the horizon with our RoadMap 2025, which lays out our sustainability strategy for the next five years. As we developed this RoadMap, we consulted with our stakeholders every step of the way, to ensure we took their concerns into account, and set clear priorities and targets.

RoadMap 2025