Sustainable Precision Farming

As the food industry grows in complexity and competitiveness, producers are faced with more complicated operational challenges. They need to manage resources, animal health and welfare and reduced ecological footprint and output quality, all the while optimising animal performance and creating a sustainable income. Feed costs alone already account for as much as 70% of a livestock farmer’s total costs. Every decision a farmer makes impacts their animal and business performance, so they need to operate on more than intuition alone.

Trouw Nutrition supports farmers in implementing Sustainable Precision Farming through solutions that combine precision nutrition, technology and our expertise in farming and animal nutrition.


Profitable swine production requires a dual focus on reducing input costs while enhancing animal performance. With NutriOpt precision farming solutions, Trouw Nutrition provides pig producers with essential information to meet these challenges. We deliver detailed data, knowledgeable insights and applications to help pig farmers make informed decisions that drive their operation’s ultimate success.

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Successful layer operations are defined by the highest levels of animal performance and efficiency. With NutriOpt precision farming solutions, Trouw Nutrition enables producers to implement the right strategy and course of action to meet their goals. We support farmers with essential information on raw materials quality to help them monitor and optimise nutritional quality of diets at each stage of their layers’ development.

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For broiler producers, a focus on animal nutrition is vital to ensuring a profitable business. With NutriOpt precision farming, Trouw Nutrition provides producers with essential services, including nutritional modelling, to better predict how certain feed ingredients can optimise performance while reducing feed costs. We deliver a wide range of solutions to help poultry producers make informed decisions that drive business profitability and enhance bird performance.

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For dairy farmers, nothing is more essential to success than ensuring their animals receive optimal nutrition. With NutriOpt precision farming solutions, Trouw Nutrition provides farmers with valuable data and actionable insights to meet nutritional goals. We deliver essential information to help farmers make sound management decisions and formulate the best ration for their dairy cows.

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A prospering beef cattle operation requires development of nutritional strategies for maximum growth without compromising animal health. With NutriOpt precision farming solutions, Trouw Nutrition provides cattle farmers with essential data for optimising diets to meet their goals of high-quality meat production. We deliver detailed, accurate nutritional insights to help beef producers make informed decisions that drive success for their beef cattle operations.

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