Responsible usage of Antibiotics

AMR is a growing concern, a pandemic that may not be aware is even happening. Antibiotic are precious and we should be using them judiciously in farming conditions. As per report by world economic forum 2021, AMR could increase animal morality rates by 1%, an equivalent loss of USD 13 Billion in live stock value. Resistance in chicken has tripled in the last decade.

Antibiotic Reduction Programme aims to empower producers in safely and efficiently reducing the use of antibiotics. With a record of accomplishment spanning over 15 years our integrated feed-, farm- and health approach has helped producers to achieve at least equal, but in most cases improved productivity, while reducing antibiotic usage. Trouw Nutrition's antibiotic reduction programme safeguards animal health, animal welfare, and production profitability.

Trouw Nutrition's integrated approach to AMR

Feed Management

  • Microbiological quality of raw materials and feed
  • Optimize nutrition strategies
  • Optimize feed form and physical properties

Farm Management

  • Biosecurity
  • Farm conditions
  • Animal Management

Health Management

  • Animal health Monitoring
  • Responsible Antibiotic use and targeted vaccination strategies
  • Strategic use of feed and water additives
  • Farm Management

The ROI of Antibiotic Reduction


Antibiotic Reduction

99% of broiler flocks raised without antibiotics

Less Antimicrobial Resistance

47% Significant less resistance against critically improves antibiotics

Improves Business Performance

4% Better Broiler Performance and significant increased market share





Responsible use of Antibiotics for sustainable growth by Dr.Marcos Rostango

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