Poultry Feed Additives

Medicines such as liver tonics, growth promoters, and drugs like par- asiticide comprise poultry health. These products are used to take care of the metabolic and reproductive health of the poultry. It also helps in the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases. Furthermore, the emerging trend of giving medicines through feed additives is likely to gain traction during the period of forecast. The feed additives such as enzymes, prebiotics, probiotics, oligosaccharides, organic acids and bacteriophage market will gain importance.

The following feed additives are commonly incorporated in poultry feed:

  • Antibiotics
  • Organic acids
  • Phytogenics 
  • Binders


In the quest to reduce antibiotic usage, we must consider three pillars: feed, farm, and health.

  • Feed: It's all about quality and safety. Specially designed formulations for young animals, fortified with tailored additives, are gaining momentum. We focus on nutritional evaluation, balanced ration calculations, and combating moulds and mycotoxins to uphold gut integrity.
  • Farm: Size doesn't matter when it comes to biosecurity. Whether big or small, effective farm management is key. With Trouw Nutrition's expertise, we identify and tackle hidden risks, supporting farms in going antibiotic-free.
  • Health: Gut healthis paramount. Through strategic feed formulations and dietary interventions, we enhance gastrointestinal health, nutrient absorption, and immunity. Let's keep our animals healthy and thriving, without relying on antibiotics.

Discover how our tailored feed formulations and strategic farm management solutions can help you reduce antibiotic usage and optimize animal health withTrouw Nutrition products 

Explore Trouw Nutrition Antibiotc Reduction Programme 

Organic acid 

Organic acids are like superheroes for animals, swooping in to safeguard against harmful microorganisms lurking in their feed. With Selko's special blends, we're not just ensuring feed safety but also unlocking the secrets to optimal gut health and top-notch animal performance.

Picture this: tailored feed additives tailored to suit every animal's needs. Whether it's blocking bacterial invasion, boosting digestion, or fortifying gut barriers, we've got it covered. And let's not forget about stabilizing the microbiota and giving their immune systems a much-needed boost.

But hey, talk is cheap, right? That's why we've put our products to the test in labs, on farms, and in collaboration with experts worldwide. Scientific studies? Check. Real-world validation? Double check. We're not just talking the talk; we're walking the walk, ensuring that every nutritional intervention we make packs a powerful punch.

Trouw Nutrition organic acid solution product Optimin


As the world's appetite for animal protein grows with each passing day, the spotlight is now shining on photogenic-based additives as a beacon of hope for sustainable animal production. These botanical wonders, whether used individually or in clever combinations, offer more than just antimicrobial prowess; they represent a shift towards holistic solutions in agriculture.

No longer confined to simplistic silver-bullet approaches, phytogenics are redefining the landscape of animal health and welfare. They're not just about curbing antibiotic usage; they're about optimizing production efficiency, safeguarding animal welfare, ensuring consumer safety, and preserving our environment for future generations.

In a world where every aspect of livestock production is under scrutiny, phytogenicsemerge as a multifaceted solution. They're not just ingredients; they're promises of a brighter, more sustainable future for our farms, our animals, and our planet.

Trouw Nutrition Phytogenic solution product Fytera Perform 


TOXO-XLis the ultimate defence against multiple mycotoxins. Designed for poultry, dairy, and it safeguards livestock health and performance with its comprehensive approach. With a blend of potent aflatoxin binders and ingredients supporting gut integrity and immunity, TOXO-XLensures animals stay strong and resilient in the face of mycotoxin exposure.

Benefits of the 3-D approach byTrouw Nutrition’s Toxo-XL:

  • Binds and eliminates mycotoxins.
  • Strengthens intestinal barriers.
  • Modulates immune response.
  • Mitigates animal performance impairment caused by exposure to mycotoxins.

It is impossible to have one silver bullet to bind and eliminate all mycotoxins, emerging mycotoxins and counteract the immunosuppression caused by synergies and interactions of multiple mycotoxins. Hence, producers need to look at a more integrated and holistic approach to counter multiple mycotoxin challenges.

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