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Gestawean - Performance starts at conception

Gestawean, Trouw Nutrition’s brand of sow solutions, aims to increase the number of piglets weaned per sow per year by supporting the mother sow with the right nutrition from early gestation to immediately after farrowing.

Unlocking potential from conception

Gestawean solutions support sows in delivering healthy, strong, and uniform piglets at birth. The results are significant, including improved animal welfare, reduced labour costs on the farm and higher profitability.

The right sow nutrition is essential to optimal swine production, as 50% of a pig’s life – during gestation and lactation – is directly influenced by the mother sow. Gestawean provides specialised solutions based on extensive research, designed to offer piglets a head start in life.

Science behind it

Trouw Nutrition’s many years of research encompass ways to support a piglet’s lifetime performance starting well before birth – at conception or even earlier. Our most recent studies centred on factors contributing to Sow Peripartal Syndrome, a complex web of interactions affecting sows and piglets throughout the peripartal period that can compromise a piglet’s lifetime performance as well as a farmer’s profitability. Dysfunctional traits in the mother sow, that occur during gestation, parturition and the post-farrowing period, can lead to Sow Peripartal Syndrome. Trouw Nutrition research has resulted in a scientific focus on four piglet parameters observable at birth: 1) being born alive; 2) adequate birth weight; 3) adequate colostrum intake and 4) adequate vitality. Collectively, these parameters are informing new approaches to address Sow Peripartal Syndrome and inspiring our Gestawean innovations.